Sunday, September 4, 2011


Like Ahab's obsession with Moby Dick, I have one of my own right now, Ethel Merman.  I can't remember when the obsession started or what in the world started it.  Maybe it was her appearance on the Muppet Show when I was a little girl.  Maybe it was when my mother made me watch Gypsy.  Maybe it was the first time I saw Airplane and laughed until my stomach hurt at her random appearance in the movie.  I loved her for her ballsy talent, for being able to laugh at herself and for being willing to make us all laugh with her.  God knows, we could all use a laugh, and she makes us smile even when life tugs the corners of our mouths down to our knees.
Lately, some of my closest girlfriends seem a little down.  Some of them have loved ones who are enduring illness.  Some are dealing with their young daughters going to school for the first time.  Some are dealing with the feeling that their families don't appreciate them or even see them as individuals. Some of them are dealing with the loss of a beloved pet.  Some are dealing with being too worn down by the down to even talk about it. 
These are the same women who have been there for me absolutely through my young adult trials and have always lifted me up.  Regardless of their own worries, they have been ready at any time to pop open a bottle of wine, grab a cup of coffee, or show up with a home-made cake to show their support and friendship.  I love these women with all my heart and, with Ethel's help, hope to make them smile through their worried minds.
Ladies, this is for you.